5 Tips on How to Pass Your Smog Check in Georgia

If your state requires your vehicle to undergo “smog” testing or emissions testing, you must pass the test to renew your vehicle registration. Today, we’ll go over some tips and tricks to help your vehicle pass this test with flying colors so that you can be on your way.

  1. First off, repair the check engine light if it is illuminated. If a mechanic sees this on your car on testing day, it is an immediate failure. This is why we recommend planning ahead weeks or months before you’re due for the test. You should get the necessary repairs to reset the light.
  2. Make sure your engine is warmed up before testing. The fuel mixture tends to be richer when the engine is cold. When your engine is running for a while, it will reach an optimized temperature and balanced air-and-fuel ratio. 
  3. Get an oil change. If your oil change interval is close to the testing date, it may be better for you to have it done beforehand. If you have dirty oil running through your engine, it can increase hydrocarbon emissions during testing.
  4. Make sure the gas lid is fastened. The gas lid acts as a sealant, and you should have it closed completely before testing.  If your gas cap has significant wear and tear or has trouble closing all the way, you should replace it for safety measures. Otherwise, it can cause a shift in the emissions test results. Fortunately, they are easy and cheap to replace.
  5. Get a tune-up. If even nothing seems wrong with your engine, a vehicle tune-up will ensure it performs better and with optimal efficiency. A tune-up includes a series of part adjustments to help your engine make the most out of each drop of gasoline it uses. At Neighborhood Tire Pros, we can take care of your air filters, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and more to help you succeed in your emissions test.

If you require a tune-up or a smog test soon, please call or visit the vehicle specialists at Neighborhood Tire Pros today.