Common Causes of Auto Glass/Windshield Damage

The majority of drivers will experience auto glass or windshield damage at one point in their lives. You might hear a loud pop with a chip or a loud shatter if it breaks. After you’ve managed to calm down, it is important to safely pull over and check out the damage. In some cases, you should report the incident to your insurance. Considering that ⅓ of your vehicle’s structural integrity is provided by the windshield, the next step is to find a repair specialist.


We understand the devastation of windshield chips and cracks. The team at Neighborhood Tire Pros are here to provide you with quality and reliable auto glass solutions. Read on to learn more about the most common causes of auto glass damage.

  • Road Debris - The most popular cause of auto glass damage comes from kicked up rock, pebbles, gravel, etc. Drivers are at a higher risk when driving through construction zones or off-road conditions.While they can range in size, they can strike your glass surfaces with enough force to chip your glass instantly. 
  • Drastic Temperatures Changes - The glass on your vehicle is intended to be able to expand and contract to adapt to various climates. However, dramatic changes in temperatures can cause your glass to break down. We’re talking about throwing boiling water on a frozen windshield or extreme A/C exposure on a blistering summer day.
  • Automobile Accidents - When you get in a collision with enough impact, your windshield will break. Typically, your insurance will cover this damage. For minor impacts, you may only experience a chip or crack.
  • Poor Quality Glass - If you’ve suffered from auto glass damages before, you might’ve had repairs or replacements done. When drivers aren’t careful with picking the quality of the glass repair or the person doing the service, they may receive a poor job. 

If you have recently been in an incident that damaged your windshield, rear windshield, or windows, please do not hesitate to reach out to Neighborhood Tire Pros for help. Even the smallest chip or minor crack can quickly expand. Protect yourself and others around you by taking your car to our auto repair shop for quality auto glass solutions.