How to Determine Whether You Need An Engine Rebuild

There's nothing more disheartening than hearing that your vehicle has to undergo major repairs and replacements. Fortunately, an engine rebuild isn't as risky and time-consuming as it used to be. While it is still a major service, you should have full confidence that it will restore how your vehicle drives. What's even more important is knowing the symptoms of a troubled engine so that you don't end up doing more damage to it.

Here are the signs that indicate you need an engine rebuild:

Absurd exhaust smoke

A visual queue that may indicate your engine is excess exhaust smoke. It is especially obvious if the color of it looks unusual. If it is puffing thick clouds of white, blue, or black smoke, it is best to take it to an auto repair shop immediately.

Loud engine knocking

Engine knocking under the hood can happen quite abruptly. It sometimes means that the bearings have worn out. Neglecting this sign can eventually lead to engine failure as your engine is not receiving enough lubrication. 

Frequent oil leaks

If your car is leaving oil puddles under your vehicle, it means your engine needs to be serviced. Letting this go unnoticed for too long can speed up the wear and tear on your motor.

Major drop in engine performance

Overall, if your engine has suffered from a loss in fuel economy and acceleration problems, you may want an auto professional to check it out.


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