How to Make Your Thanksgiving Travels Less Hectic

Now that we are nearing the end of October, it means that the Thanksgiving holiday is merely weeks away. Besides the pumpkin pie and football, Thanksgiving is traditionally known for one of the heaviest travel weekends of the year, with the Sunday following Thanksgiving being the most congested day of them all. Don't worry, though - we've got tips on how to make your interstate travel a little less stressful!


Doing a little pre-planning can go a long way in making trips manageable. The most important thing you can do is check the traffic and weather conditions beforehand. The worst days to travel are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. If you can leave a day earlier or avoid Sunday madness, please do.


The combination of holiday travel and nasty weather can make a long trip longer than necessary, so you have to make sure your car is ready to take on those challenges too. A pre-trip inspection will ensure your car will get you to your destination in one piece. At Neighborhood Tire Pros, we can check your tires, fluids, wipers, and more.


It goes without saying that distracted driving constitutes hazardous situations. Using your cell phone, texting, eating, and managing fussy kids can all increase the chances of an accident. With more traffic on the road this holiday, the events of it happening are even higher. So if you need to do any of those activities we mentioned, please pull over to do so.


We hate to break it to you, but sometimes congested traffic is unavoidable by nature. You should expect to arrive at your destination later than intended, so don't set expectations that aren't realistic. Utilizing a GPS app will show you alternative routes that can help you find the best possible path. But all in all, please be patient as everyone wants to see their loved ones for the holiday!


Your family is probably counting on seeing you for dinner, so slow down and enjoy the journey. For a pre-trip inspection, please visit Neighborhood Tire Pros!