Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs of a Leak?

Fluid leaks are not an extraordinary experience especially if your vehicle has been on the road for several years. However, it is important to observe the characteristics that accompany the leakages because some of them if not repaired are dire. Luckily, you can differentiate the types of leaks and identify the issue beforehand.

Engine oil spills

It's either black or brown, but sometimes you can glimpse that distinctive rainbow. Even though an oil leak doesn't necessarily indicate the car needs to be fixed right away, oil is a crucial component of how your engine works. The engine may run dry and crush parts against each other if there are excessive oil leaks, which will cost you a lot of money. Additionally, if oil leaks persist, you will need to keep adding oil, raising the expense of operating the car.

Power steering fluid leakage

While a leak in the power steering fluid won't stop you from driving, it can swiftly lead to serious and permanent damage. Having said that, if you observe a dark crimson or pink liquid dripping from your car, you might want to arrange a visit with your repair specialist.

Leaks in transmission fluid

A transmission fluid spill, in contrast to the majority of spills, presents major unsafe conditions and may result in costly consequences. A Bright red or reddish-brown hue, transmission fluid is typically characterized by grinding noises whenever you change gears.

Brake fluid spills

You will have instant reason to be worried if you detect a brake fluid leak originating from your car. A brake fluid leak can be a sign that your car's control system is on the verge of failure. Look for shining brown or clear fluid below your car to identify a brake fluid leakage. Any unexpected changes in how well your braking system works may also be a sign of brake fluid leakage.

Vehicle Leak Repair

Owning a car requires you to be vigilant and pay attention to the slightest details. If you notice a leakage and need a repair, our team of professionals is waiting for you to visit Neighborhood Tire Pros for expert services.