Unusual Traffic Laws from Around the World

It is no longer uncommon to get a ticket that doesn't sound arbitrary. While the tickets you receive are justified in most cases, some traffic laws will leave you baffled. We kick off our list with Cyprus. In Cyprus, it is illegal to eat or drink anything while on the wheel. It is a common law that drivers should not drink and drive, but we are not talking about alcohol. Having a meal or even a beverage such as coffee will land you a ticket.

Spain requires drivers who wear corrective glasses to carry an extra pair of glasses in the car. Losing or breaking your glasses may cause you difficulties in operating your vehicle. Thus, you are required to have an alternative. So remember to carry an extra pair if you plan to visit Madrid.

In Germany, you cannot stop your car unnecessarily on the autobahn. The law makes it possible for motorists to receive a ticket for running out of fuel. It is only permissible to use the autobahn only if your emergency is not preventable. Preventable emergencies are such as a breakdown, which you are required to report. You will be fined since running out of fuel is not an unpreventable emergency.

It is illegal in Russia to drive a dirty car. While you might think this law is outright outrageous, it makes perfect sense. The law helps the police identify cars, and having your car become dirty makes the job difficult.

Some laws are meant to maintain ethics. A good example is the traffic law in Japan that makes it illegal to splash pedestrians with rainy water. That means you need to watch out for potholes as you drive during a rainy season. The offense, referred to as 'mudding' can cost you a fine of around $65.

No frowning at a police officer in New Jersey, USA, perhaps the most bizarre traffic law yet. It is unclear how justifiable this one is, but it does exist. Frowning is considered a sign of disrespect, and it can earn you a ticket. But this is an easy one to avoid. If you always want to keep a happy face, drive to our auto repair shop today for great deals and services.