What Are the Most Common Repairs for Each Season?

Automobiles are complex vehicles with an average of over 30,000 parts, all of which have to be operative for the car to run. Vehicles in warmer climates have different demands than cars that run in cold weather. In Georgia, we have four distinct seasons, all of which have varying needs. Here are the most common repairs we see in our shop for each season:



Since summers in the south are relatively hot and humid, one of the biggest complaints people have about their vehicles is the air conditioning. Either the AC won't work at all, or it will start to blow warmer air, which is highly uncomfortable when the temperatures rise. Adding Freon and other minor repairs can often bring your air conditioning back to where it needs to be.



Headlights frequently go out in the fall, as they have made it through the summer months and now need to be changed in time for winter. As the days start to grow shorter, it gets dark out quicker. People begin to notice the imperfections of their headlights. They knit-pick their dimness or, if one is out entirely.



Similar to the summer and air conditioning, people tend to note that the heater in their car isn't working right in the winter. Heating troubles could mean that your filter needs to be swapped out, or it might be something more severe. Either way, lots of people come to repair shops with issues within the heating system during the winter.



One of the biggest things drivers often have to get inspected and repaired in the spring is their braking system. The winter months most likely put the brakes through intense strain, especially in below-freezing conditions. Consequently, the brake pads become worn down. Brake pad replacement is one of several fixes that are widespread in our shop in the spring.


If you have any of the problems mentioned above (in any season), we advise you to give us a call or visit today. You can count on Neighborhood Tire Pros to repair and maintain your vehicle to keep you safe and comfortable every season!