What Are the Signs of a Broken Water Pump?

The water pump in your vehicle is one of your automobile's most crucial cooling system parts. If well-kept, the water pump should last around 100,000 miles. However, the water pump can suffer damage and need a replacement sooner. Whenever this happens, you may notice some troubling signs. 

Constant Engine Overheating 

If your vehicle has overheated on multiple occasions, you may have a faulty water pump. The water pump is responsible for coolant circulation. If you have enough coolant in your vehicle, the water pump should be one of the following places to check. It's okay if you can't locate the water pump because the technicians at Neighborhood Tire Pros would be happy to help you look.

Evidence of Coolant Leaks

Are there unusual puddles near your vehicle? Engine coolant comes in various colors, including blue, green, red, and yellow, so it can be challenging to assess. However, you can usually tell by its sweet scent. Coolant may be leaking from the water pump itself. 


An old water pump can get rusty over time due to its exposure to moisture. A corroded water pump will eventually cause more significant leaks, so it is better off for you to replace it at the first signs of rust.

Unusual Sounds Coming From the Engine

Any humming or whining sounds coming from the front of your engine could indicate a problem with the belt that goes by the water pump. The water pump relies on a belt and pulley to perform its functions. If the belt has worn out, it may buzz or whine as it turns. 


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