What Does a Burning Smell Mean For My Car?

If you catch a burning smell when driving your vehicle, it can be very alarming. It is vital that you give it attention quickly. Some burnt smells are more serious than others, which is why you should have it diagnosed soon. There can be several reasons why your car is giving off this smell. Read on to learn what the problem could be.

Slipping Belts

If the smell is similar to burnt rubber, it may be because one of your belts slipped. If it gets in the wrong and hot place, it can melt and give off this smell. If this is the case, please take your car to the experts at Neighborhood Tire Pros soon.

A Short Circuit 

A short circuit in your car’s wiring can give off this odor. In severe cases, electrical faults can lead to a fire, so please get your car to the shop immediately.

Overheated Brake Components

As you know, your vehicle’s brakes produce a significant amount of heat. If you smell a burning smell every time you engage your brakes, this could mean your brake pads or brake rotors are overheating. Don’t neglect this issue as it could lead to complete brake failure. 

Oil Leak

An oil leak can leave your car’s engine in critical condition. It could lead to irreversible damage and even a fire. If you suspect your vehicle is leaking oil, please do not ignore the strong smell and have your automobile checked as soon as possible.

Heater Problem

If you notice the burning smell coming from your vents, specifically when you turn on the heater, it definitely narrows it down to your heating system. It could be due to a buildup of dust and debris in the system or general damage. If the smell persists, please bring your car to us for a check-up.


If you’ve been experiencing unusual burning odors from your car, please bring your vehicle to Neighborhood Tire Pros for proper diagnosis and repairs. Feel free to give us a call or visit today!