Why Are My Headlights Out (But High Beams Still Working)?

If your headlights are malfunctioning, you can expect your drives to be limited to only the daytime. Headlights are essential to the driver's visibility, and without them, driving can become more dangerous for everyone. 


If you notice that your high beams are still operating, but the low beams aren't, several reasons can be the cause. While it's easy to point fingers and blame it on a bad bulb, if changing the bulb doesn't fix the problem, a deeper issue may be at hand. You should never overlook this kind of problem by driving "blind". Driving without headlights at night is not just hazardous, but it's against the law. You may find yourself with a fix-it ticket if you take the risk. 


Below are three of the most popular issues that can leave the low beam headlights inactive: 

The Relay is Damaged

A car's relay is an electronically operated switch that powers your vehicle lights. If the relay has malfunctioned, it may receive some electricity but not complete the circuit. To fix this obstacle, you will need to purchase a new relay. Some vehicles have different relays for their high beams and low beam lights. If one relay goes down, the other one may still work to power other light functions, such as your high beams.

There's a Blown Fuse

When you realize an electrical component in your vehicle is not working, you should consider checking the fuse. Your owner's manual will outline which fuse corresponds with which accessory. If a fuse is burnt out, all you need to do is repair the fuse. Inspecting fuses can be confusing; if you are worried, please feel free to bring your vehicle to Neighborhood Tire Pros for an inspection.

There's An Error with The Wiring

Fuses blow out from incorrect wiring. If it is an issue with the wiring, then replacing the fuse will only be a temporary fix if the wiring is corrupted. It's crucial to go to your trusted automotive technician to resolve this issue efficiently.


Your low beams are arguably more essential than the high beams. Without functioning low beam lights, there's a heightened accident risk. At Neighborhood Tire Pros, we care about the safety of our customers. If your headlights are out, please take your vehicle to us as soon as possible.