Why is My Car's Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air?

We are past the treacherous winter driving conditions, and now you can enjoy your ride on a sunny summer day. However, there's nothing as frustrating as trying to cool your cabin's interior only for the air conditioning system to blow out hot air. You can attribute that failure to several causes. They include:

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant is the fluid that circulates within the ac system, expanding and contracting as it rids the interior atmosphere of heat and moisture. With a leak, the levels of refrigerant drop, and that impacts its normal functioning.

A leak can be caused by a worn-out hose or a damaged evaporator. Detecting a refrigerant is not something you can do with your eyes because the AC system runs deep in the car's systems. Additionally, the antifreeze evaporates immediately after it's exposed to the atmosphere. Thus, it won't be as apparent as an engine oil puddle under the car.

You can identify the point of the leak by taking the car to an experienced and reputable technician. S/he will introduce a dye into the system to trace the leak. Once found, they'll repair it using technologically updated equipment.

A Faulty Condenser

The role of the condenser in the auto ac system is to dissipate heat from the refrigerant flowing from the compressor. The process produces cold air that is reversed back into the car's cabin. When the condenser fails, that's when the ac releases hot air. The problem might be caused by blocked ventilation holes in the condenser or blockages along the pipes preventing the free flow of the refrigerant.

Failed Cooling Fans

The auto ac system features a pair of cooling fans located in front of the condenser. The fans rotate and cool the air flowing from the compressor. If the fans can't blow air at maximum speed, the partially cooled air goes back into the vehicle's cabin without further cooling. Luckily, you can perform visual inspections to determine the problem limiting the fans' performance. It might be a crack or a foreign object lodged in the fan assembly.

If you're experiencing AC issues with your automobile, partner with us today! Bring the car to our automotive repair center, and we'll repair it professionally.